My little family!

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  1. Hello LV Friends! I got them out and took a pic. What do you think? I think I have more than I need!

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  2. Beautiful collection! What do you think of the leopard stole, do you use it a lot? I want one soooo badly, hopefully soon! :smile:
  3. Beautiful Collection!!!! What is the large Azur bag? I really like that one!!
  4. Great collection, wonderful variety. I wouldn't say you have't more than you "need". :P
  5. Great Collections, Congrats!!
  6. Hi! Yes! I use that scarf constantly! It's so great when I travel. It always goes into my carry on and I usually end up using it to keep warm on some flights. I also use it all winter (I'm in Michigan) and love how soft it is against my neck. The only thing is - you need to be careful with it as it sometimes catches on my jewelry. No matter. I'll NEVER get rid of it!
  7. You have a lovely collection!!!
    Now you could add some colour ~ perhaps a small vernis piece... :flowers:
  8. Hi! Thanks for noticing a great bag! I may spell it wrong, but the bag is called Figheri or something similar. It's horrid that I don't know for sure, but when I saw I it, I HAD to have it!
  9. Thanks! I'm glad to see that not everyone thinks I'm obsessed!
  10. Beautiful collection! Thanks for sharing!
  11. LOL! You have a point, but every time I enter an LV store, the classics draw me in!
  12. That is a fantastic family!! Congrats!
  13. You need some vernis, epi, and empreinte!! :smile:
  14. Lovely! Congrats on a wonderful collection
  15. fantastic collection!! congrats!!👍😃👏👏👏