my little family of purses

  1. Hi everyone!

    I am still a relatively new member of this community even though I've been registered for a while. Anyway, I love looking at other people's LV collections so I thought I would post a picture of my little family. I just started collecting a little over a year ago so my family is still pretty small compared to others.

    In the first picture, I have my LV family all together. My family consists of the speedy 25, batignolles horizontal, pochette twin gm, wallet with zip pocket and MC cles.
    As you can see, the speedy gets the most usage. I use the bh on occasion as a work purse and the twin gm as a clutch/shoulder purse for parties or date nights. As for the wallet, I haven't seen anyone with this particular style. Most people have the Porte International which is lovely - but I fell in love with this one when I saw how it opens up like an envelope with no danger of any loose papers falling out. I also love my MC cles but haven't put it to much use because I'm super afraid of getting the patina any darker than it is.

    In the second picture, I have my other big brand purses. The two purses on the left are my Gucci hobo and Gucci messenger bag (the two purses I use most out of all my purses). The purse on the right is the most recent addition to my family. It's a Banana Republic Sandhurst Double Strap shoulder purse. I'm really looking forward to putting it to good use!

    I also have a bunch of other Coach, Kate Spade and Dooney and Burke purses/accessories but I thought I'd post pictures of my big brand purses first. Alright everyone, enjoy!:yes:
    IMG_6842.jpg IMG_6845.jpg
  2. very nice :smile:
  3. I have a twin gm!, I love it!. You have a very nice pantina on your speedy!
  4. Gorgeous LV bags.
  5. Wonderful :biggrin:
  6. how much is the speedy 25? and the little multi coin purse?
  7. Hi, the speedy was purchased last year before the price increase in June so I got it for $540 w/out tax but its $595 now I believe. I got the MC Cles used for $120 but it retails for $285 on
  8. i :heart: your collection!!
  9. i love yoru collection
    i love your speedy and mc cles i want both !
  10. Great pics! What a sweet little family...
  11. Nice collection.
  12. Great collection, love the BH!
  13. Beautiful Collection!!
  14. Lovely collection! :biggrin:
  15. Love them, especially the MC cles!