My Little Fabulous Slice of LV Heaven! (Kind Long ...)Come See PICS!!

  1. Oops --- I meant "kinda long" on the title ---

    Last week I gave my husband my SA's business card as a way of hinting to him that I really would love to get something, anything from LV for my birthday next week. LOL :graucho:A couple of days later, he asks me about my SA and then he tells me, "Hon, let's go to the mall so you can introduce me to her." :nuts::love: Wowza! This is coming from a guy who doesn't like to shop, only goes to the mall maybe once or twice a year to "load up" on his essentials, and goes shopping as if it were a reconnaissance mission --- you know --- get in, get it, get out. lol

    So yesterday evening on our date, he drove us to my favorite LV boutique (actually the LV counter at Bloomingdale's). I introduced him to my SA and after our nice small talk, I excused myself to browse, leaving my DH and SA to talk. Teehee... Something on display caught my husband's eye and my SA directed him to the counter and showed him the white Suhali Le Fab. OMG!!! He was enthralled with the bag! I was floored!! When my SA told him that I had been wanting and talking about this bag for almost two years, he made up his mind right then and there that he would get it for me. :yahoo::woohoo:

    I literally had tears in my eyes as my loving and generous husband smiled at me and told me that the bag I've been lusting over for too many months is now all mine and I don't have to wait anymore! Now I know that I must have experienced a slice of LV heaven!! I could have jumped for joy!! My SA said, "Yup, she's happy!" LOL

    I cannot tell you how much I am so grateful for this man --- he actually went the extra mile and took the time to look at keychains for my bag and made suggestions!:heart: I am so happy!!

    My SA then gave us some LV gifts to commemorate the occasion --- the LV crystal paper weight for DH and the white and black Multicolor playing cards for me. Holy smokes! How incredibly wonderful --- I have shopped at LV for a couple of years now and this is the first time I have ever received any LV gift; my husband, on the other hand, walks into LV for the first time and gets one! :p

    My husband asked my SA if we could have a pristine, brand-spanking new bag --- not the display one. When she brought out the new bag, complete with packing stuff on it, my husband helped my SA take off the protective film on the hardware and then they both inspected it thoroughly for me. Can you believe it??

    Okay --- meet my new fabulous white Le Fab and the new Pomme d'Amour Cadenas (I think that's the name) keychain, the crystal paper weight and the black and white MC deck of playing cards! I am having the Le Fab's hanging tag (clochette) heatstamped with my initials so it is absent from the picture, but I will get it in a few days.

    Thank you for letting me share my birthday surprises! Enjoy the pics!
    White Suhali Le Fabuleux - December 28, 2007 018.jpg White Suhali Le Fabuleux - December 28, 2007 019.jpg White Suhali Le Fabuleux - December 28, 2007 020.jpg White Suhali Le Fabuleux - December 28, 2007 021.jpg White Suhali Le Fabuleux - December 28, 2007 027.jpg
  2. AWWW!! TOO SWEET! That's so awesome of your DH to go to the store and everything with you...and then spring for the incredible LE FAB! The bag is great, but it's also awesome that he went with you and inspected the bag and everything and shared in all the bag-awesomeness with you! Congrats!
  3. and OMG I love that keychain...with the heart and lock and key on it! How much was it, if I may ask? I didn't know something like that was out...I want!
  4. Love that bag. Congratulations! :yahoo:
  5. Fabulos Congrats to you now go give that hubby of your a great big hug!

    Great score on the keychain too that's not supposed to be out yet I think
  6. Wow, congrats!
    And isn't the crystal trunk pretty? It's so shiny. :love:
  7. Thank you! I think the keychain cost $315.00 --- my SA gave my husband the receipt and I am still over the moon and haven't asked him for it.
  8. Thank you, Rebecca. Yes, that crystal trunk is gorgeous. It really is a work of art!
  9. oh man I definitely want's SO adorable...when you get a chance, could you ask him for the name of it? I think I need one...I can't handle the adorable cuteness...

    ETA: okay yes I want it bad...I just called 866, its the "pochette cles cadenas", costs $315, and comes in pomme, violette, and amarante. (model # M60074 for the pomme) I totally have no use for this, but I think I need one. Now just to choose a color...
  10. Thank you so much --- it was really a sight to see. I am still reveling in the awesome feeling I had when he actually took the time to do that for me. He is a keeper!:heart:
  11. My husband doesn't know the name of it either, but he took one look at it and said that he really liked it. There was a violette and amarante color, too. Since I couldn't decide which color I asked him to do it for me and he chose pomme. I believe the name is "Cadenas" --- but not quite sure.

  12. Thank you, Claire. I did give hubby a great big hug and then some. LOL Yes, I must have been really lucky if this keychain isn't supposed to be out yet. My lucky day!!!
  13. Congrats!
    This is one birthday that I bet you'll always remember.
  14. Aww, how lovely! The bag and keys are beautiful and I want those cards. =p

  15. Thank you, Liberte!! I love this bag, too!!