My little ebay treasure......

  1. OK - so i took a chance on something without asking for more pix & was worried - but I got it today - the leather, stitching, zipper, name plate & other hardware match exactly my baby venetia - color & everything - so thumbs up on authenticity - woo hoo! Needed something to throw in my giant tote that I could use when running out of the office - without bringing giant tote - this is perfect!!
    DSC00821.JPG DSC00822.JPG DSC00823.JPG DSC00824.JPG
  2. wow, that's cute. :tup::tup: up!
  3. Wow!! That is TOO Cute!! :love:
  4. thats really cute :smile: i love eBay!!
  5. How adorable! Congrats!!
  6. :tup::heart::drool:
  7. So lovely. Great color and it is too cute.
  8. :heart:Don't you just love Good eBay deals! I know I do! Congrats to tou...she is such a soft color~ enjoy
  9. Very cute! I love it.

  10. Adorable! I think I need one!! Congrats!
  11. That's such a pretty color and cute shape! Congrats on finding this gem!
    ETA: I forgot to say, plus it looks super useful, too!
  12. That's so adorable! And it looks super useful.
  13. That is so cute....a great eBay find indeed!
  14. Thanks guys! If you can find one I definitely recommend! I cancelled my zip clutch pre-order after finding it - thus saving over 300.00 - which I spent on another Marc Jacobs bag - last bag this year though.

    I have it with me today - it's very useful. It easily fits ID, coin purse & cash, lipgloss, and my keys with a little room to spare. Great for running out or even a night out! It's like a big square wristlet. I love it!
  15. adorable:tender: