My little corner of LVs

  1. Hi guys! i just started mine last year and since i'm still only 21 and in school this is all i can afford so far. more to post when i get them. : ))
    Damier Knightsbridge - am i the first in here to have one?
    Theda PM - my first purse. :heart:
    monogram petit bucket - for everyday use lol
    vennois MC - first of many to come MC!

    i also have a blue burberry wallet and a bunch of sunglasses but LV are my fave. so i only took pics of them.
  2. Thanks for posting!
  3. Nice variety.... :yes:
  4. very very pretty! congrats!
  5. Aww.. the theda PM is just too cute, so cute !
  6. cute collection, love your theda!
  7. cute colllection . .. love ur theda =)
  8. nice collection
  9. You have great taste :drool: Thanks for posting, they are gorgeous.
  10. adorable collection!
  11. i like the MC!
  12. Love the theda PM. Thanks for sharing!
  13. Very nice :smile:
  14. hey girls! i just got a MC agenda! maybe this christmas i'll get a trouville too.. lol. thanks for all ur support! :heart:
  15. Very nice peices! :biggrin:
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