My Little Collection

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  1. Hi All,

    I've been meaning to post pics of my bags and hopefully I've figured out how to do this... I posted pics of my newly arrived ball bag in the regular purse forum. But it's towards the end since I JUST figured out how to shrink the photos!


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  2. There ya go! Now you can tell us a little about em, too...
  3. is that a silver marc jacobs? it looks effin hot!
  4. OH--I guess I'm supposed to say something about the bags...

    Ok, from left to right here's the little blub about each one:

    1) Red Gucci--first designer bag. Bought it when I won in Vegas for my 30th birthday. So it was essentially free.

    2) Small Dior Black Gambler--mom gave it to me this past Christmas, she found it at the outlets for about 70% off retail. GREAT gift :P

    3) Gucci signature horsebit hobo--just bought that for myself for Christmas. I love that it has green and purple instead of the traditional brown leather with green/red "ribbon"

    4) MJ multi-pocket in silver/pewter. That was my second designer bag. I LOVE the purse, except since it's metallic leather, it's rubbed off on the strap and corners of the bag where it's rubbed on my shoulder and against my hip. But an otherwise GREAT bag.

    5) Spearmint MJ Blake that I really enjoy. It has a butter yellow suede interior. The bag just makes me happy! I was in Vegas for a Bachelorette party--passed on the strippers and bought a bag.

    6) Guccissima top handle bag--bought that in 2005 for my 31st birthday. It's great since it actually fits my laptop, so it's functional too.
  5. Wow.. I love the Gucci sig horsebit bag, it's so gorgeous ! And the Dior purse was a steal ! ;)
  6. Thanks! It's always nice to get a deal on a purse!
  7. I updated your thread with the crisper pictures you sent me. Great collection!
  8. oooh. loving that guccissima handle bag. it's a beauty. and those silver and mint marc jacobs bags are lovely!
  9. Thanks Vlad! You're the best!
  10. Little collection? You put my gucci collection to shame! LoL!!
  11. oh my!! Amazing collection wicked. The Guccissima is gorgeous beyond words
  12. Cute :biggrin: thanks for sharing!`
  13. Omg... I LOVEEE your Guccissima top handle bag! That looks like a bag that screams out "power" as a lawyer. ;)
  14. It maybe a little collection, but they're all fabulous. Thanks for the pics.
  15. Love the spearmint MJ Blake! Such a pretty color. Nice collection :biggrin: