my little collection

  1. I just got two new purses this week so I think I'm addicted now. I got the black signature stripe purse from my boyfriend for Valentine's Day and I got the one with the ribbon today (I don't even know the name of it because it was a impulse buy).

    Can you tell I like the signature fabric, it's pretty much all I have. :lol:

  2. you've gotta start somewhere. your bags are really nice! congrats on your recent purchases! :o)
  3. Congrats on your new purchases... btw the bag that you have w/the pink scarf on it is called the Madeline... really pretty! I also love the signature fabric... can't go wrong... i know isnt COACH addicting!!! haha :love:
  4. Nice collection!! I love the Carly Demi!! :smile:
  5. I'm a signature fan, too! Love your collection--your bags are beautiful!
  6. I love your collection! Congrats!
  7. Your collection is adorable - we are all addicts here so we share your joy:tup:
  8. Love your collection!
  9. very nice collection!!!
  10. Very cute collection!
  11. Nice collection, it is very lovely. You have an awesome boyfriend.
  12. I love your collection! The Madeline is so nice!
  13. I love my Madeline, it is perfect for work. Coach is way too addicting, I'm already planning my next purchase, I need to get the black signature stripe wallet to match the purse.
  14. Very Nice!
  15. Cute collection! Isn't the signature rad!! Welcome to your new addiction! :yes: