My little collection ...

  1. Hi everyone,

    I am semi-new here. I have been reading this forum for advices, references and the necessary updates for quite some time. Love the pics and stories posted by everyone.

    I :heart: bags very very much... Or I just :heart: to shop :p I tried very hard to explain my :heart: for my bags/shopping, but no one seems to understand :crybaby: until one day I came across this forum :yahoo: ...

    Most of my bags are Louis Vuitton ... I just feel I have the NEED to get one or more each week! (My wish...) Even though most of them I have only carried them once, still I feel I don have enough bags to choose from each day. *sigh*

    So .. here is my current little collection ... :smile:
    (Will post my other non-LV bags soon)
  2. Welcome to tPF! Everyone is great and you an learn so much!
    Wow---NICE collection! Congrats and again WELCOME!:smile:
  3. Hmmm .. okk that pic was really small.

    Here are better ones ... :p
    DSC00498.JPG DSC00502.JPG DSC00503.JPG DSC00500.JPG DSC00504.JPG
  4. Congrats, great collection..not little at all!!
  5. wow it's not a "little" collection! Congrats, it's a fabulous collection!!!
  6. That's a great collection!!!
  7. its not little at all!

    i love it! thanks for sharing!! :heart:
  8. that BIG little them..:tup::heart:
  9. Love your collection. I love the scented candle too. Tried to get hold of one of those without luck.

  10. Love your collection!:yes:
  11. love it! and your collection is not little!! its huge :p
  12. wow ... amazing collection! how long have you been buying LVs?
  13. Wow great collection.
  14. LITTLE??? :wtf:
    Not at all! Welcome to the forum, and I LOVE your collection!
  15. thats huge, congrats i love it all