My little collection

  1. These are some of my shoes. Didn't get to take pictures of all of them and they are not all designers but I hope you enjoy them!

    Kenneth coles and steve maddens
    Shoes 1.jpg

    Burberry and Coach
    Shoes 2.jpg

    Kenneth cole and Caparros
    Shoes 4.jpg

    More Kenneth cole and Steve Madden
    Shoes 5.jpg

    Ralph Lauren, Steve madden and Nine west
    Shoes 6.jpg

    BCBG and Steve Madden
    Shoes 7.jpg

    Nine west
    Shoes 8.jpg
  2. nice collection! Love the Burberrys!
  3. nice shoes! thanks for sharing !
  4. What A Great Collection....Thank You For Sharing!
  5. Thanks guys. I just bought more coach shoes and shoes listed above are probably a little over half of what I own. I will post more pics soon. :smile:
  6. Nice collection:smile:
  7. nice collection
  8. Cant wait! Love those purple shoes and the ones next to them on the left with the brown ribbons!
  9. Thanks for sharing!!! I love your baby blue coach flip flops!!! They're so cute!!! (are they comfy and when did you get them? I'd love a pair of those!)
  10. Jeannie,
    All coach stores are having their summer sale right now only for shoes. It's up to 50% so I got a pair of blue and pewter. I will post more pics soon.
  11. Love your collection.
  12. Cute shoes! Thanks for sharing.