My little collection :)

  1. Hi everyone!!

    i have been browsing the purse forums for a while and i :heart: looking at different people's collections. So i would love to share my small designer handbag collection to fellow handbag addicts.

    I'll start with my Balenciagas.

    1. The First in Cornflower Blue
    2. The Twiggy in Emerald Green
    IMG_2523.JPG IMG_2525.JPG
  2. love your emerald twiggy!
  3. Ooh, love them both!
  4. Nice!
  5. Oooooo love your cornflower first
  6. Those bags are so pretty! I luv balenciaga colors :smile:
  7. Oh I love your Balenciagas ! :heart:
  8. Hi everyone! thank you sooo much for your compliments. I have a VERY soft spot for Balenciagas - Just love the colours and the leather. I am very slowly building up my little collection :smile:
  9. Here is some of my LV collection

    1. My speedy 25. i :heart: it, this is one very useful bag. I probably use this one the most ;)

    2. Musette Tango- one of my very first LV pieces and i loved it to death. I dont use it very much now but i think its a classic!

    3. Recital - one of the recent additions. I love the red lining inside :yes:

    4. Monogram pochette - another LV classic, i dont use it very much - i prefer bigger roomier bags.

    5. LV key ring/ bag extender - i had to have it! because it looks so good with the pochette. :yes:
    IMG_2528.JPG IMG_2530.JPG IMG_2531.JPG IMG_2533.JPG
  10. Very nice...
  11. Great collection-
  12. Wow, nice collection :tup: Love your B-bags!
  13. Oo:huh: ... I love your Twiggy and First. Loooove the colours ... especially the green.
  14. Great color...
  15. Great classic bags...