My little collection :)

  1. Hi everyone,

    i have been on the purse forums for a couple of months and i :heart: looking at everyone's collection. Since today is a particularly boring rainy sunday afternoon, i decided to post my own small collection of designer bags.

    My most recent purcheses... my Balenciaga's... or rather my little babies.
  2. congrats, great b-bags!!
  3. great collection! love that blue bbag.
  4. Gorgeous, I love the cornflower :tup:
  5. Great bags!! I love the cornflower blue b-bag!
  6. Nice!!! :smile:
  7. great collection! i really like your balenciaga and the patina on your speedy is beautiful
  8. great collection.
  9. Cute b-bags!
  10. The colors are beautiful!!
  11. I like that color.
  12. Very nice collection!!
  13. Amazing!
  14. Great collection!
  15. Nice bags.