My little Collection!

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  1. Finally! Here's some pictures of my collection ;)
    17062007620-small.jpg 17062007621-001.jpg 17062007622-001.jpg
  2. Wow! That's some collection you have there!
  3. Love the variety.
  4. Very nice, thanks for sharing,.
  5. Great collection!
  6. hmm... love your stams :drool:
  7. Great collection! And I love the storage... so much space for all of your bags!
  8. really lovely! thanks for sharing!
  9. thanks for the compliments you guys. yeah i'm so pleased with the storage. My husband made it specially for my and my bags when we moved in the house couple of months ago :smile::tup:
  10. nice collection.
  11. lovely collection!
  12. Very pretty collection-
  13. nice collection!
  14. Hmm. Both your CB Pochette and MC Pochette look odd to me, did you get those on eBay? : /
  15. And the Globe Shopper.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.