My Little Collection :)

  1. Hope you all will like my little collection (LV and Gucci and 1 purple Coach hobo)

    Group picture, CHEESE!!:nuts:

    I just realized that I have less LV bags than I thought... :confused1: I remembered i sold my vita cite PM and my epi Speedy awhile ago.....Now I kinda missed them...:crybaby:

    My LV collection will be growing for the coming half year for sure!! All those new releases make me :drool::drool:!!! Anyone have any suggestion on what I should get next? I just got my Damier 30 and a little keychain yesterday! I am so tempted to go back and buy some more!!..Maybe tmr? :sweatdrop:

    My goal is too fill the 15 steps on my stairway with BAGS...!! haha 30 steps in total if i include the one downstiars
  2. Gorgeous collection!!! I'm after one of the mini (is it DH) bags in mono as I just find them ultra cute. Love the blue of the agenda!!!
  3. lovely collection, congrats!
  4. Your collection is GORGEOUS!!!! Thanks for sharing! Maybe something in Amarante:graucho:
  5. Nice collection. I like Gucci too.
  6. beautiful collection! love the panda cles, the ceries cles, the neverfull, and the mini hl sac is darling!!

    thanks for sharing!

  7. HEHE....yes i actually WL some amarante small leather goods...since the LV @ Hotel Vancouver only had the bags in Amarante. I tried all the bags for Amarante, they didn't seem to look good on me....maybe next time i should go take a picture and post it here and see how you all think :p

    There is no doubt that I like purple color things!:yahoo:
  8. Nice collection :smile:
  9. Great collection!!
  10. Very nice collection---get something in amarante!
  11. Great collection, thanks for sharing.
  12. Great collection :nuts:
  13. Very nice! Thanks for sharing the family portrait. Real fun will be when you buy all the new LVs!
  14. Nice collection!
  15. Great pieces!!