My little collection...

  1. :woohoo:Here they are:

    3 Chanel, 2 Chloé, 1 Balenciaga (207, April)
  2. Love the Chanels!
  3. great chloe bags!
  4. love your chanel...great collection!! thanks for sharing!!
  5. beautiful collection!
  6. That black Tweed Chanel bag is TDF!!!! :drool:

    Many thanks for sharing.
  7. That's a nice collection you got there. You've got the best bags from various designers.
  8. Great collection....
  9. Love your chanels!
  10. Excellent!
  11. Nice collection! :smile:
  12. Lovely collection! What is the name of the lilac bag in the upper left? I'm :drool:ing over it!
  13. Thanks for sharing. Lovely bags. I especially love the Paddington
  14. Beautiful pictures! The bbag and Chloes are delish!
  15. great collection.