My little

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  1. I just started purchasing LV this year and I never believed it, but it IS an obsession. I only have two so far, but I figured I'd post some pics for u guys since I finally have some free time. Enjoy! :P

    The first pic is "My Louie and My Louie" my little IG Luigi with my Pochette Florentine...

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  2. love them both!!!!!
  3. Congrat! They're great pieces! I have the Pochette Florentine and i use it as a wallet sometimes. I am planning to get a speedy 30 this coming January.
  4. OMG! Your doggy is precious!!!:love: Both LV items look great on you! Thank you for sharing pics.:flowers:
  5. Thanks. I love my speedy, it was a great purchase. I def recommend it.

    I just realized my laundry basket is in the background. LOL... at least they are clean and folded! HA!
  6. Thanks...He is such a ham... he poses for pics! LOL

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  7. nice
  8. Very nice, congrats and thanks for sharing!
  9. Sosti! Your little IG is stealing the show! He is absolutely adorable. I want to snuggle with him! :love: I have a greyhound, but love the IGs too!!!! Oh, and your bags are nice too! You have the starts of a great collection. Really is there a bag as perfect as the Speedy!
  10. haha...that's my little guy he's such a snuggle doggie.:heart: everyone loves him..he steals the show wherever he goes. All my friends kids remember his name and I'm just luigi's mom!

    the speedy is great.. i just took it out for another go-round. it was resting for a bit. :smile:

  11. great start! keep on collecting! ;)
  12. Nice collection!
  13. love the florentine!
  14. The pochette Florentine is so cute! I want one!!!!
  15. great collection, thanks for sharing!