My little collection of bags

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  1. Hi all [emoji112]🏼

    I finally feel like my cadre of handbags is rounded out enough to share. I've been a handbag lover pretty much forever, and only really started getting acquainted with designer bags about two years ago. Since then, with some serious saving (and some overtime), I'm beginning to be feel very satisfied with what I've accumulated.

    It's not complete of course - may never entirely be, but I think I have most of my 'staples' at this point. Still need to find that ultimate everyday black bag though. [emoji56]

    First, the whole collection:
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  2. #2 May 10, 2016
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    Next, the bag that really started my foray into nicer bags. Oddly enough it is a Coach bag, the Borough.

    I'd shopped at Coach for years, but when this line came out, I was (and still am) completely in love. The lines of it, the pockets, it's just my soul bag. I have many designer bags now but I still adore my Boroughs and hope they last forever. Literally haven't liked any bag that Coach has put out since.

    Medium retro glove leather Borough:
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  3. Next, my medium Borough in Vermillion. I missed this bag when the Boroughs were originally released, and was very excited to find a like-new one recently.

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    This Jimmy Choo Rebel was my first 'designer' bag, bought on a whim while in Vegas a few years ago. It's kind of the perfect little crossbody, I now wish I'd also bought one in beige because they bags are slightly different now.

    It's showing its age and use a little bit, but the light pink is a great alternate neutral for a lot of my wardrobe.

  5. After the Boroughs, I really started seeking out nicer handbags, and then Proenza Schouler happened. I was way late to the PS1 craze, but it hit me hard and I am probably going to get more before it's over.

    This PS1 Tiny in Crimson was my first ever red bag (the red Borough is a more recent addition).

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  6. Next was the PS1 Tiny in Lemon. I'm completely obsessed with yellow and gray so naturally this bag had to happen.

  7. After that, I grabbed the PS1 pochette in black-on-black. This is what I use for more casual evenings out.

  8. It was inevitable that I'd eventually discover the PS11s, and I actually love these just as much as the PS1s. I just only own the Tiny (Biscotti color) because I haven't seen any colors I like in smooth leather for awhile. I missed out on this awesome gray/ivory color last spring and still regret not getting it.

    This bag, needless to say, goes with pretty much everything.
  9. The next bag I bought was another Jimmy Choo. Was headed off to Vegas and wanted a glitzy evening bag. These Candy clutches are so fun, but I do confess I don't get a chance to wear it much.

  10. After such a slew of small bags and cross bodies, I went for a classic tote, in this case the medium Prada double zip (in Argilla).

    I love this as a sturdy, durable bag that has a timeless sort of style to it. And it also goes with everything. I despise most saffiano leather, but I make an exception for Prada [emoji6]. I'll probably get one more of these before it's over, likely a bright bold color in the next size down.

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  11. At a certain point, my bags just kept going up in price which wasn't great. My first Chanel I ended up re-selling, and then I got hit by the WOC bug. I read TPF threads, I did Google image searches, I hit up Instagram, but all the WOCs I initially fell in love with always weren't in stores anymore.

    My SIL went on a business trip to Paris, and she found this black 'Eyelet' WOC for me. I love how it looks like a miniature classic flap.

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  12. After the first WOC, I quit bags for awhile in order to save for the next WOC, lol. I'd seen the stingray bags and decided to save for one of them and have that be my one exotic bag.

    Stingray Boy Wallet-on-Chain in pewter. It makes my heart sing and I'm constantly trying to find occasions to wear it.
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  13. Gorgeous collection! The Chanel WOC stingray is my favourite - It looks iridescent!
  14. Beautiful collection! I loved reading your timeline story of how one led to another [emoji1]

  15. Thank you! I am having fun posting my little bag journey.
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