My little collection of accessories!

  1. I just received my 04 grey clutch and 04 eggplant coin purse!:yahoo: Never thought I'd be so into Balenciaga accessories but I was wrong! The leather is so soft :drool: So here they are....thought I'd include my rouge vif clutch too :heart: Don't you just love the tiny box?

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE them all. Enjoy!
  3. Those are really beautiful. What do you use them for? I'm always into tiny things like that, but I'm always perplexed as to what to do with them. Like do you alternate if you have a lot? How often?
  4. Gorgeous, Persephonie!!! :heart: :heart: :heart:
    where did you find these little treasures???
  5. I use them for when popping out to the post office or super market. Also at parties and bars when I don't want to carry huge amounts of things. They're actually quite handy:yes: Some even use them to hold their ipods, mobile phones etc in their cities!
  6. OMG :nuts: :nuts: .... GOOOOOOOORGEOUS :nuts: :nuts: !!! Congrats 'F' perce..... - you've a fantastic taste ;) ! I especially would die for the 'eggplant' coin purse :drool: :drool: :love: - thank you so much for sharing !!
  7. Slinks I found them through wonderful PFers and auctions:biggrin:

    Aww thanx first 'I'!:blush:
  8. What's the retail on the clutch if you don't mind me asking?
  9. They're lovely :love: the older leathers are just sooo touchable and special...
  10. They're beautiful colors especially the eggplant !
  11. oh gosh.,..i love the clutch,,,,acccckkk:love: :drool:
  12. Beautiful! Love the eggplant! I've got a magenta coin purse and it's my absolute favourite! =)
  13. I got my rouge vif for £255 at Harvey Nichols.
  14. LOVELY!! I was trying to say I liked the rouge vif clutch then as my eye wandered I realize I loved all of them! Very pretty!

    and that retail price of 255 british pounds is a steal because the retail of the clutch in Canada is around $700 or $750 Canadian! I wanted one in blueberry, but almost dropped the poor thing in shock when I heard the Canadian price!
  15. OMG!!! I LOVE all of them!:love: I am so into the Bal accessories too! I want everything!!!!!!!!