My little collection & new items!

  1. Here is a pic of my small LV collection! I FINALLY got my new bag! I got the Damier Speedy 25 and the Monogram Zippy Compact Wallet! I wished they made the wallet in the Damier print, but I loved the style of the wallet that I bought the monogram one. It actually holds a lot of stuff for a tiny wallet! :woohoo:
    LV 3.JPG
  2. great collection! love the speedy!
  3. Congrats!! Love th zippy wallet! Thanks for sharing!
  4. Congrats....Damier speedy is a great bag!!
  5. Great collection- the damier speedy really evens out the mono!
  6. Great Collection!!! :yahoo:
  7. Great bags!
  8. Small, but beautiful collection. Congrats on your new addition
  9. congrats on yr new addition...:tup:
  10. Congratulations & great collection.
  11. Nice collection :nuts: Like your Burberry :nuts:
  12. I love your collection, it is classic LV elegance! Thanks for sharing!
  13. Great collection, and remember - mono goes with everything - especially damier! I love the little zippy, that looks like a great wallet. It looks like you've got a piece for just about every occasion and now you can start looking at LE's and specials if you like. And your Burberry collection looks FAB.
  14. yay, congrats! I love the damier speedy ... great collection!
  15. Congratulations! Very nice collection.