My little collection<3

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    • Chanel Classic Flap, Black Large Caviar w/gold hardware
    • Vintage Chanel - Pic coming
  1. Nice bag....can't wait to see the other pic!
  2. love it.
  3. My Louis Vuittons
    016.JPG 017.JPG 018.JPG
  4. My Marc Jacobs
    019.JPG 021.JPG 023.JPG 025.JPG
  5. nice collection
  6. ohhh, i like the marc jacobs!
  7. My Marc by Marc Jacobs
    012.JPG M by MJ - 1.jpg IMG_1162.jpg
  8. My Pradas
    015.JPG 032.JPG
  9. My Balenciaga, Carolina Herrera and vintage Dior
    010.JPG 037.jpg 022.JPG
  10. My Guccis
    009.JPG 014.JPG 020.JPG
  11. Thanks for the nice comments, you guys! :smile:
  12. Lovely collection! Love your chanel! Thanks for sharing!
  13. Very diverse collection! love the Bbag! :tup:
  14. Thanks! :smile:

    I try to pick bags that doesn't resemble the ones I already have. Makes it more fun, I think.

    Next on the wishlist is a Chanel Denim Coco Cabas, a beige Chanel Classic Flap or a Mini Classic Flap w/gold hardware..

    So many to choose from though. I'm also a huge Balenciaga fan... :heart:

    Hmm... :sweatdrop: