My little Coach family...

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  1. Here's my first group shot.


    Back Row: Left to Right- Bleecker Denim Sig Shoulder Bag, Large White Leather Hobo, Soho MiniSig Tote in Khaki/Toffee, wearing MiniSig scarf in Khaki/Toffee
    Front Row: Barrett Sneaks in Khaki/Natural, Denim Sig Swingpack, Soho Patent Pink Wristlet, White Soho Pouchie something or other I got off the bay, and Small/Compact Soho Wallet in Khaki/Toffee

    Sorry for poor quality. Digital is caput (I need to get a new one) and laptop cam doesn't do so well.

    Thanks for looking :biggrin:
  2. Pic is blurry but items are lovely :smile:
  3. Thanks, sweetie!
  4. You got very nice collection. Thanks for sharing.
  5. Cute kicks!
    I want a pair:smile:
  6. Nice Collection! :smile:
  7. Great collection! Thanks for showing!
  8. :ty::ty:

    Ya'll are too sweet!
  9. Got mine at Macy's back in October and paid retail for them, but they were only 93 including tax so it wasn't terrible. They're probably on sale now with their winter 3 day sale they have going on :biggrin:
  10. Ohhh I love those shoes. Thanks for letting me drool all over them. LOL