My little Coach Collection

  1. Hi everyone! I'm just a few hours old here, but I LOVE this site! I must be careful though, I can't spend too much time here and end up flunking out (I'm a med school student)...gotta graduate so I can afford new bags! :lol:

    Anyhoo, here is my little collection. As you can see it's all Coach, and ten bonus points to whoever can guess my favorite color! :P
    DSC00294.JPG DSC00295.JPG DSC00297.JPG DSC00300.JPG DSC00305.JPG
  2. Thanks for posting!
  3. Pretty Coach bags, so colorful, thanks for sharing!
  4. Could your favorite color be pink? Do I get the bonus points? LOL:P

    Beautiful Coach bags! Thanks for sharing. Good luck w/ med school!!
  5. lovely pink bags.. and yeah, your coach bags are cute...
  6. Nice pastel colours!
  7. Ooooh poppy bag, how cute ! Very nice ! :yes:
  8. Very nice.
  9. Here's the whole family (there's a Juicy thrown in there) plus a new addition!

    And yeah...bonus points to luvpurses24! :lol:
    DSC00306.JPG DSC00312.JPG DSC00334.JPG
  10. love the straw tote
  11. beautiful collection!! thanks for sharing :heart: :heart: :heart:
  12. Very nice collection
  13. Very nice collection,
  14. great collection :woohoo:
  15. love the pink hampton's tote!
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