My little Chloé collection and a question (pics!)

  1. Hi ladies, i found out that the Chloé forum is such a nice place with a very freindly and helpful atmosphere! I just wanted to share my small collection with you.
    And i have a question, can anybody tell me what style my beige bag is? I love her, but i don´t know her name.

    My beloved Chloés:
  2. You mean the 2006 taupe satchel? :drool:
  3. No, i mean the bag at the right. The one with the stones . The colour is something between light yellow and beige. Do you know how this style is called?
  4. its from a while back now 2002 or s/s 2003, they also did this design in burnt orange and green, all with the beading. I feel really old now, as I remember a friend of mine purchasing this at the time on sale, and it seems ages ago now lol :biggrin:
  5. great collection! ;)
  6. Me, too.:smile: It was the first Chloé bag i fall in love with and it is ages ago. Do you know if the style has a name? I like it when my bags have names.;)
  7. congrats!
  8. What a fun collection--congrats!!
  9. Your Chloe collection is not that little... you have some lovely purses there. Thanks for sharing.
  10. loving your silver beaded bracelet bag - gorgeous. Lovely selection
  11. Me too! That bag is fabulous! As is your whole collection! Thank you for sharing!
  12. Thanks for sharing!
  13. Great collection - especially your paddy!
  14. Gorgeous... I love it! :smile:
  15. Thank you very much, for all your compliments. i love my babys!:heart: