My little Chanel accessories haul

  1. I went to Singapore last week and although a couple of members have said the Chanel store there is dismal, it's a lot better than the Australian stores! I picked up a few pieces with the help of a really good SA there who put things on hold and kept things aside that she thought I would like when new deliveries came in. She was even nice to me the first time I went in straight off the plane, looking really messy and probably sweating from the heat and did not look like I would buy anything! Ok I'll stop rambling now, here they are :heart:

    The necklace is the classic Chanel pearl necklace with pearl CC charms in silver hardware.
    The stud earrings are crystal CCs.
  2. I love everything you got! I'm so jealous! Congratulations. :smile:
  3. Sorry for the big pics :sad: I'm on a Mac and I don't know how to resize them.
    Wearing the necklace:

    Thank you Stophle! :heart: My dad also bought a tie for himself but it's with him now. The ties are surprisingly quite nice and reasonably priced!

    Pic of camellia brooch on chain:
  4. omg i love all of it :woohoo: :woohoo: especially the ring and necklace :heart: do you min if i ask how much the necklace and ring retails for in singapore ? tia
  5. I like all your purchases. It's interesting that your timeless pearl necklace has the silver chain link. I like the idea of adding the brooch to the necklace.
  6. wow! what a GREAT haul!!

    the necklace, brooch, earrings, and rings are gorgeous!! great taste!
  7. Nice haul...congrats! Everything is just beautiful.
  8. I am:drool: with envy!!!!! I would wear every single piece that you got!
  9. congrats! love them all!!
  10. Thanks girls :heart: iluvchanel I forgot to mention, I added the extra chain to the necklace to make it longer :blush:

    kaka the necklace is sing$1110. On Monday when I was in there (I'm in home now in Australia) they received the pearl and gold bead necklace with CC charms that is quite nice also, for S$1380. They also had the iconic pearl necklace choker but chokers don't suit me at all. The ring was S$460. I believe the ring and necklace were both the last ones in the Ngee Ann City store, unless they get replenishment drops. I hope this helps :biggrin: Are you from Singapore?
  11. i use a mac too..:yes: and i normally use iphoto to resize the pics. Click on the pictures and then look for the email button at the bottom of iphoto. It will prompt u about which sizes u want the pics to be.. select medium/small and it will prepare the selected size for u in an email.. then drag all the resized pics in the email onto desktop and u re ready to use them! :yes:
  12. I love your accessories!! They are gorgeous! :love:
  13. oh wow! i love all of these! that ring is so pretty!
  14. Oooh thanks for the tips happie_beerrie! I always forget to use iPhoto :shame:
  15. congrats! Love the necklace!