My little but loveable MJ collection

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  1. Hi all! I have recently done some closet downsizing and thought I would take a family picture of my MJ bags, since I've enjoyed looking at all of yours so much.

    I have narrowed my current collection down to a small but well-loved number of my favorite staples. (I forgot to photograph my peanut zip clutch so let's just imagine it is there, lol!) Next on the horizon I hope to purchase a Large Blake or a dark blue bag of some kind.

    Hope you enjoy - it's definitely a teeny collection compared to some of you fabulous ladies, but I love it so and wanted to share! :heart:

    Left to right, top row:

    Python Karen
    Moccassin Karen

    Bottom row:
    Icy black Sienna hobo
    Bordeaux Blake
    Denim Large Multipocket

    Attached Files:

  2. Very nice!!!
  3. I absolutely love your Karen bags. I missed the unveiling of the latest one, it is TDF! :tup:
  4. Ahhh, love the Bordeaux Blake :heart:! Great collection.
  5. I am in love with your Sienna hobo. I regret not buying that in Raisin when I had the chance. The one I keep seeing on eBay is way too $$ though. :sad:

    Lovely collection!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. i absolutely love your moccasin karen. so beautiful! that's a fantastic collection. i'm in the midst of editing my collection too. looks like you did a great job with yours!
  7. What a great collection. Your Karens are so beautiful! :love:
  8. I can't get over the absolute gorgeousness of the python karen ...
    Don't get rid of her before consulting me ;).
  9. Thanks for giving my little collection some :heart:! I am really obsessed with my Karens. :smile: I don't think I will get rid of the python but if I ever do I will be sure to consult you Joke! :smile:

    Editing was hard and I still have work to do with some of my other bags so I can make room for the new. I am sure it will grow again but I think these are good staples for me.
  10. Your collection is TDF...:drool::wtf:
  11. what a great collection! youve got some good pieces there!
  12. Beautiful collection! I love seeing new (to me) styles.
  13. Beautiful collection! I just love the denim MP. :drool:
  14. Thank you ladies! :smile: It is really nice to have a place to talk about my MJ obsession. I have a couple friends who like MJ but most of my friends IRL don't understand my Marc fixation.

    Not one, not two, but three of my other friends said to me, when I first carried the python Karen, "But don't you already have that bag in another color?" Well, YES! But I needed another one! Anyway, I'm so glad you girls understand this sort of thing :smile:
  15. Awesome collection... :smile: