my little bunny story....

  1. a few days ago my father was watering our front lawn and came across little miss whiskers (or maybe mr.). she's part of a family of rabbits that makes their home in my front yard and has their little baby bunnies in a similar spot every year.

    little miss whiskers lived under a pretty flowering shrub with her mommy and sibling, but the watering frightened her and she came running out from under her plant. she hopped around in confusion for awhile and finally ended up tumbling down a small flight of stairs. she was lying still at the bottom when my father came upon her.


    there was no way she could get back up the stairs to her home and so my father scooped her up (wearing a glove of course) and we placed her in a small box until the watering was over, so that she wouldn't run out into the street and get lost or run over. she didn't seem to happy in this and huddled in the corner the entire time.


    as soon as the watering was over, we took her back outdoors where we said goodbye.


    we placed her back near her home and she happily hopped away to rejoin her family.

  2. so so so cute!! thanks for sharing!! How did you resist the urge to give her a big smooch right on her nose? lol
  3. i wanted to touch her soft soft fur sooooo badly :sweatdrop: and to kiss her little twitching nose but i was afraid her mommy wouldn't want her back if she came home smelling like humans :sad: (plus she may have tried to maul me with her little bunny teeth :p)
  4. so cute!
  5. Awwww! I loved this story! :love:

    And such cute & happy pictures!!
    Thanks for sharing...!
  6. How cute!
  7. how cute! i've rescued 3 litters of baby bunnies and they are adorable!
  8. cute story! Love the pics thanks for sharring!
  9. cute! I love baby rabbits...look how tiny it is! Thank you for sharing, that really made my day.

  10. OMG I would have wanted to kiss her too! LOL

    I think it is so sweet that your dad was so concerned for the welfare of the little bunny...what a great guy:yes:
  11. Great pictures to go with the story!
    I love seeing bunnies!
  12. What a lovely daddy you have, and from those pictures, a beautiful garden. Great story.:smile:
  13. So cute! It's so great that you were able to help her.
  14. Aw, I love bunnies! I hope it got reunited with its family!
  15. Lovely story & great pics!