My little boy just yelled to me "Mom Fed Ex - Coach stuff?"

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  1. Haha - I thought it would arrive tomorrow - my buckskin Soho satchel is here! Have to go open the box. Be back with pictures!!
  2. Your son is so cute!
    Yes you must take pictures of your new baby, I cannot wait to see her!
  3. can't wait to see pics!
  4. I can't wait to see this one modeled! I love the satchels that Coach has been putting out so this one is definitely of interest to me!
  5. LOL... haha donnalynn thats too cute... your little boy knows! ;) you have a bag that just arrived? <shaking head> i can't keep up! haha you must have a lot of COACH items on your wishlist! haha :love:
  6. OK Im even gonna post the VS flannel jammie pictures since I just put them on and I'm not changing!! This bag is...WOW! Really a wow. Like the Miranda. Large. Substantial. Great color. Its darker than its photographing, plus all around the edges, the braided trim, etc its a little "patina'd" I guess you would call it, so it give sit a kind of brushed leather effect. First I looked to see if it was dirty on the back, but when you look at the entire bag all around, it was obviously done on purpose. I like it because now I wont be afraid to use it! I thought this color would be really light and difficult to use, but its deeper and richer than I thought. OK really quite a bag - heavy too. I think I'll keep it - its kinda big for me, but I do not own ANYTHING even remotely like this.

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  7. donnalynn that bag is TDF!! it really is pretty... i love the color of it... it looks fab on you... congrats! :tup:
  8. Oooh, I love it! The color is gorgeous and the style just works.
  9. It is a beautiful bag, just beautiful! Congrats!!
  10. I luv that bag! Does it have gold color hardware? I love the soho line. I would be squealing with delight to get that bag. Wear it in good health!
  11. That is a real beauty!! I own three Mirandas and I could see that Soho sitting next to them in the shelf!! Enjoy her!
  12. I seriously love that! it looks great on!:heart:
  13. Donnalynn~

    Very nice...I was going to buy that purse at the last PCE, darn it, I am kicking myself now.
    I went with the BUCKSKIN Bleecker large flap instead.
    It looks like a classy bag!!! CONGRATS!!!
  14. Absolutely stunning. Definitely one of my favorite purses from the Soho line, it's too bad it's too expensive for me. But nevertheless, it's gorgeous. You look fantastic with her, as well. Enjoy this beauty!
  15. OOO Congrats!!! She's lovely!

    And smooch your son right on top of the head for me!