My Little Balenciaga Collection


Jan 17, 2006
Since, I finally learned how to post pics on the forum, I thought I'd show you my growing family of B-bags :love:. So, far I only have 2 black bags and 1 ink (encre) weekender, eventually I want to add more color!


  • (1) Balenciaga City Bag - 1195.JPG
    (1) Balenciaga City Bag - 1195.JPG
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  • (2) Balenciaga Twiggy Bag - 1055.JPG
    (2) Balenciaga Twiggy Bag - 1055.JPG
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  • (3) Balenciaga Weekender - 1385.JPG
    (3) Balenciaga Weekender - 1385.JPG
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minicoop said:
Beautiful!!! And with my recent ink mark experience, I am loving these dark colours! Are the 1st and 3rd the same size, they look a bit different..
oops, sorry I forgot to put the style names! The 1st is the City, the 2nd is the Twiggy and the 3rd is the Weekender.