My Little Balenciaga Collection

  1. Since, I finally learned how to post pics on the forum, I thought I'd show you my growing family of B-bags :love:. So, far I only have 2 black bags and 1 ink (encre) weekender, eventually I want to add more color!
    (1) Balenciaga City Bag - 1195.JPG (2) Balenciaga Twiggy Bag - 1055.JPG (3) Balenciaga Weekender - 1385.JPG
  2. Nice!
  3. Beautiful!!! And with my recent ink mark experience, I am loving these dark colours! Are the 1st and 3rd the same size, they look a bit different..
  4. I think the first is the city and the third is work.. right??
  5. Great bags!!! Thanks for posting the pics!!!
  6. Nice collection! Thanks for posting! Love the twiggy especially :love:
  7. Thanks :biggrin:
  8. totally jealous!!!!!!! the ink is yum!!!!
    thanks for sharing!!!!!
  9. Black is nice but love your ink bag!!!
  10. Thanks for posting pics! I just ordered the City in ink, and it helps to see it next to the black. I think it will be perfect! I love your City, too!
  11. great collection!
  12. I just don't ever tire of looking at pictures of these bags!!! Thanks for posting--they are beauties!
  13. i love your twiggy! the shape is just perfect :smile:
  14. oops, sorry I forgot to put the style names! The 1st is the City, the 2nd is the Twiggy and the 3rd is the Weekender.
  15. Here is the collection together so you can see the size differences.
    (1) Balenciaga Collection.JPG