My little Bal got jacket (and boots)

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  1. here is my dear Bal with Danier jacket (not Bal jacket as I dreamed, but I can not possibly try any here where I live), and Fiorentini and Baker boots and Tolani wool scarf


  2. cute :smile:
  3. I love F&B boots.
  4. Cool boots, thanks for sharing! :smile:
  5. :nuts::drool: Luv everything, specially the boots, congrats on your new acquisitions!
  6. love it all too :tup:
  7. thanks so much girls :hugs:
  8. #8 Sep 19, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 19, 2010
    Congrats. All three are gorgeous.
    btw, you have an amazing collection.:nuts:
  9. Love your entire outfit!

    The bag - I love it!!!! I have that bag in a different color combination, and the Bal girls here are missing the boat if they don't scoop that up if they see it on Ebay!!! Mine is from 2007, and it has the most exquisite leather ever on it! I haven't seen your color combination come up on Ebay before, but I will definitely be watching for it. Mine is a blue, vert gazon and brown combo - I think.

    So glad to see another lover of this style. :hugs:
  10. My goodness - that bag is sensational! Didn't even know about it and boy does everything look so drop dead cool. Dobro job!
  11. thanks so much girls, the bag is Arena, and I have seen three color combos - red with orange, green-blue-brown (I almost got that one as well from ebay). This same one was on Portero for ages and they did not want to reduce the price from a rediculously high, so I found even better on ebay - almost new, and the leather is stunning

    I will be hunting for your combo Kay, I adore that particular green :flowers:

    Only Bal can use shades of brown and black to make it work so well (and Tolani in that scarf, connects so much of my wardrobe)
  12. Congrats on all your scores. I have to say I'm in love with your scarf!
  13. thanks, I adore it IRL, softest is Tolani named "circles" and appears often on ebay (few regular sellers have similar stuff)
  14. hey Nata, I just noticed "dobro" in your greeting !!!! Zdravo :smooch:
  15. Thanks for the tip I will be on the look out for this.