My little angel AY has arrived :)

  1. I finally knew what "love at first sight" meant. That's how I felt when I met my angel-AY was born on 9/26/07, weighing a stunning 9 lbs 5 oz and measuring 22 inches.


    He is the most perfect baby that I have seen in my life:yahoo::yahoo:

    let's me share with you his birth story:

    when i went for a prenatal visit on thuesday (9/25/07), I was literally begging my OB to have me induced because of my discomfort and I felt that I was ready. He wasn't very keen on doing it simply he said he would rather for me to wait since it's my first baby. Well his attitude changed after he measured my belly, took a good look at the size and had a sonogram. His estimated weight was at 9 lb 1 oz. He was really pushing to let me have a scheduled C section; he didn't think it would be a good idea for me to try natural birth but I insisted.
    At that point, my OB said he want to admit me to the hospital as soon as possible and he would call me once it's set. He called and let me know that there was a bed available and told me to check into the hospital asap. I arrived at 4 pm and settled in. Pitocin started at 6pm and he broke my water soon after that. My delivery nurse was with me and I was just having really mild contractions and it got more intense at around 10:30pm and I was already 3.5 cm dilated. I was telling my friends I was done with babies since it hurt SO badly. i called the anesthesiologist at around 10:30 and i got an epidural at around 11pm. At first it wasnt strong enought so he had to add booster in mine. At 12:30, my OB said I am 10cm and 100% effaced and he said to push whenever I felt the urge to and so I did. After about an hour, our baby was born! I had a little tear but otherwise baby and I are both healthy.
  2. Congratulations!
  3. Congratulations on your Big boy!
  4. He is adorable!! Congratulations, mama!
  5. He's so cute! Congratulations!
  6. He is beautiful....
  7. What a beauitful baby!!! How wonderful!! Glad to hear you are both doing well! Rest up!!
  8. Catabie, congratulations!!!!! Your new baby boy is a cutie. I'm glad the delivery went well.
  9. He's Gorgeous! Congratulations!
  10. Congratulations! :yahoo: He is adorable.
  11. Congratulations-he's beautiful!
  12. Congratulations! What a gorgeous baby! Thank heavens he didn't get any bigger! I am in the same boat as you...If I go full term, we are looking at 10 lbs!....You rock Mama!:yahoo:
  13. Absolutely gorgeous!!!! Congrats!!!
  14. Very cute, congrats!
  15. Ohhh he's so sweet. :love:Congratulations.