My listings removed for saying "like new"!!!

  1. I just received an email from eBay saying that my listing was cancelled due to using a spam keywork. I had the phrase "like new".

    I don't get it?

    I can't say "like new"? :shrugs:

    I swear I hate eBay.
  2. Argh, how frustrating :cursing:

    But don't these "spam keyword" cancelations refer the whole listing text? I don't see how "like new" would be keyword spam? :confused1: Did you maybe use another designer name or something like that in the text?

    I had a listing cancelled due to keyword spamming because I said something like "Please check out my other listings for a Vuitton wallet and Gucci sunglasses" :yucky:
  3. I always use the phrase "pre-owned" and have not had any trouble (yet)
  4. It probably was not the "like new" that got you in trouble. Did you mention any other designers in this auction? If so that is probably the cause. I usually just say to check my other auctions for other nice handbags. I never say the names of the designers. Isn't eBay a pain???
  5. ITA :cursing: Especially when you click around and see listings with half a page just keywords (designers, celebrities, gadgets, etc) and they keep on running, while your's being cancelled for mentioning 1 or 2 designer
  6. it is keyword spamming, because if someone puts in for example "new, vuitton, batignolles" your's would come up because you used the word "like new"
    It's not just handbags, it's across the board.

    I buy my DD Oilily clothing from eBay and if someone puts "like Oilily" in thier auction or description then their NOT Oilily stuff comes up in my search and wastes my time.

  7. ^^^I see. That sucks. They credited my account for the listing fees but its still a pain.

    According to the email they sent it WAS the phrase "like new" that got me in trouble.

    How was I supposed to know? is there a ebay rule books that I missed somewhere? not trying to be funny....I'm serious. I don't want this to happen again.

  8. sorry, but that's just stupid :push: ... if they see that as keyword spamming, they hace to cancel everything that says NIB, BNIB, NWOT as well ... ebay gets weirder and weirder everyday
  9. ah sorry u had to go thru that
  10. Sorry that happened but it's equally frustrating to buyers out looking for a new item. Also "like" is a trouble word. Ebay bots consider like to be a comparing word "like Chanel" or "like Juicy" which is a HUGE no-no. Use words like "mint" if it's like new.

  11. I remember looking for Tiffany things a year or two ago (then learned not to try and buy Tiffany's from eBay). The number of six prong 'like' Tiffany settings that came up were mind-boggling.

    Anywho... Maybe using the term 'practically new' would be more acceptable (for now at least).
  12. I don't think it's stupid. She's not selling a new item, so to have it say new in the listing is misleading on searches. If I search for a new vuitton and get listings that are "like new", I would be frustrated. The correct wording is "used" since it isn't new. Or, to just say excellent condition or something like that. :smile:

    I've had enough times of searching for items to have random stuff come up that I'm glad eBay introduced the keyword spamming rules. Seriously, if I was looking for an Apple iPod and search those two words, I would get listings that would say something like "Mp3 player not apple ipod". This stupid non-apple item would show up in my search results - and I mean pages of these incorrect items. Very annoying.
  13. The issue isn't the word "like" that she used, but "new". So "practically new" would still be a problem. You can't say "new" for an item that is used. KWIM?
  14. It would really be nice if eBay could actually tell you what you did wrong and why the auction was pulled instead of sending you a form e-mail. They have ZERO consideration for their sellers.
  15. Now THIS I totally agree with!