My listing vanished, not on MyeBay but no e-mail for cancelled listing?

  1. Really strange...

    I had to relist a Coach purse that didn't sell. It was listed in MyeBay and then when I checked back later it is gone. It is still listed in my account for the relist fees, but it isn't on my selling list any longer.

    I haven't gotten an e-mail from eBay, anyone know what it could be? I have read others threads but it would seem that everyone else got an e-mail.
  2. Have a look at your listings in the text only format and I bet it's there, eBay seem to hold certain listings for 24 hours before they show up on the site....have a look on the board as there was a thread about this the other day
  3. Even if an auction isn't showing up in the active listings on the site, it would definitely still show in your My eBay folder...

    Have you called eBay?
  4. That happened to me!
    I had listed 2 gift cards on eBay (received for Christmas to stores that I rarely go to) and they were both there, and then within an hour one was gone. No email, no notice, nothing. I looked in my seller account and saw the listing fee for that card was credited back to my account. I called eBay and asked what happened. They said in my case (gift cards) sellers are only allowed to list 1 gift card per week (I had listed two on the same day) and so they removed the one with less card value. They said they do not necessarily email sellers for everything, because in my case, I could have easily gone to the "help" on the eBay home page and found the rule about listing gift cards.
    Maybe there was something specific about your listings, which they decided to remove one until the other one ended. (?)
  5. That's a weird one - I'd leave it 24 hrs and if it doesn't reappear then relist it and email eBay.
  6. Thanks guys...

    It still has not appeared in MyeBay, the listing fee has not been credited back, AND I haven't gotten any sort of e-mail from eBay.

    I have never had anything pulled so I didn't know if the e-mail was typically delayed.
  7. nevermind... it is finally showing in MyeBay again.