My Listing States No Return, Now Buyer Wants Exchange


Mar 3, 2007
New York
I have a few pairs of BNIB shoes listed on Ebay currently, all my listings state No Returns. My listings all give measurements of the shoes and I offer to give advice on sizing since the brand I am selling has very erratic sizing between different styles. A nice lady from another forum used the BIN option on a pair of shoes a few days ago, she has already received the shoes and she said that she loved them, she left glowing feedback and everything seemed good.
Well today I receive a message from her stating that she has tried the shoes on again and realized that they feel a bit too tight and she would like to exchange them for another size that I currently have listed. Or if that was not an option, she wants me to send her the receipt so she can go to the department store where the shoes were purchased and exchange them there.
Any thoughts on what I should do?
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Oct 7, 2006
San Francisco
If you have her size, then why not? As long as she hasn't worn them, of course. I'd tell her that she's responsible for paying postage for the shipment of the shoes back to you, plus she is responsible for paying postage for you to send the new size to her. Of course, don't send out the new size until you get the old shoes back and you're happy with their condition.

She may decide it's not worth the trouble and hassle. I wouldn't send her the receipt.


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Aug 7, 2007
Definitely don't send the receipt. Unless you paid way less for them than she paid, and your credit card info isn't on there!