My listing has started but I cannot find it with the search button

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  1. Help!!

    My listing has started already but when I do search, it doesn't show up yet (was supposed to start at 2 pm PST today).. I have searched for it on several occassions and I don't see it.. any tips or tricks? If i can't find it.. then how will others find the bag... kindly help pls.. thank you...
  2. It's been taking around 6 hours for my listings to show up in search. And if you make any revisions to your listing prior to it appearing in search, it might take another 5-6 hours for the information to be updated.

    If you're really concerned and it's been over 5 hours, you might want to try using live help to check on the status.

    Hope this helps!
  3. thank you so much.. oki will wait for several more hours.. thanks so much again.
  4. Is it showing up in myebay under the selling tab? These usually show up immediately.

    I have mistyped words and could never find the item using key word search. Could you have done something similar?

    Good luck with your auction.
  5. it shows up on my eBay.. but nothing yet on the regular search.... i double checked my spelling, it seems oki.... so i guess i will have to wait.. thanks..
  6. My last few listing have taken over 8 hours to appear! Frustrating! Pretty sure eBay didnt take 8 hours to charge my account for the listings!
  7. That's right :lol:
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