My Listing Got Pulled!!

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  1. I am so angry I could spit fire right now!!! I had a beautiful Coffer listed on eBay and the bag sold for $1125. Minutes after the listing ended I received a message in my e-mail box supposedly from eBay. When I opened it, it greeted me with "Dear eBay member" which is a red flag to me right off the bat. It further said "I have paid for the item. Please click on the following link for the details...." Of course I didn't and instead forwarded the msg. on to spoof@ebay to report what I believed to be a scam of sorts. The next thing I know.......EBAY CANCELLED MY LISTING!!!!! :cursing: I couldn't and still can't believe it!! So I called them and they said that because someone had "compromised" one of the bidder's accounts.......they are required to shut down my listing!!!! No second chance offers, my listing is completely gone (I didn't save it as a template) AND they have notified ANYONE who bid on it that it was CANCELLED!!!!! I argued with the rep that now everyone is going to think that something was wrong with my bag and that it is my reputation that is going to be in question! Of course they said "oh no, this happens all the time and bidders don't think like that.........". Well , I know that I think like that and I have seen others on this forum who think like that as well!!! What do you think? I think that I am now going to have to relist the bag and put a disclaimer right off the bat informing them of what transpired through no fault of my own. This will really make me think twice about reporting anything to ebay again!! Just wondering what anyone else might think and/or have to offer as a suggestion!! :cursing::cursing:
  2. Had that same thing happen to a LV I sold... the only thing I could do is relist. So sorry it happened.
  3. I understand you're fuming right now, but this is happening everyday on ebay. I'd suggest you to relist your bag immediately w/ the disclaimer, so bidders know the bag was bought by a hijacked account.

    Use auction tool like Auctiva to save yourself some headaches. And in some cases, you might need a copy of the listing to prove you're legit.
  4. Really? Where can I learn more about Auctiva? Does it help with avoiding these type of transactions?
  5. It doesn't help avoiding this type of hijacked account related transaction, but it will be much easier if you want to relist since Auctiva store a copy of your listing. Check it out at, it's free.
  6. I certainly will and thank you so much beejerry! :okay:
  7. I had an auction cancelled for excessive shipping. It baffled me because what I was selling was a hoodie that was filled with rhinestones which made it heavy, I also had included signature confirmation too. It was all right in line with everyone else. Then a few days later an auction appeared for a tee shirt for $15 shipping and that didnt get cancelled.

    Ebay workers should go thru a class so they are consistent with their actions. What a necessary evil ebay is :cursing:
  8. I had two bag listings removed because a buyers account had been compromised. Its a huge pain but at least you get the fees refunded. Even more annoying is when you get a dishonest buyer who has no intention of buying bid, win and then you only get the final value fee back...just being able to leave them negative feedback is not enough! To make matters worse this particular buyer was also trying to pay using someone elses Paypal account!!!
  9. I have bid on auctions and sometimes I will receive an email saying it was cancelled-no reason, just cancelled. I usually do think there must have been something wrong with it! But I guess that isn't always the case! I think if you put in the disclaimer it will be fine. Good luck!
  10. I sure hope they tell the bidders that the reason why it was cancelled had NOTHING to do with you or your bag.
    As a buyer I would be afraid to bid on anything that had been cancelled in the past if I didn't know why.

  11. I have also won a lot of autions where the shipping was absolutely absurd! I even contacted ebay once and they said they didn't want to get involved, it was between me and the seller. The other day I bought a coin purse. It had $1,55 in stamps on it, and I had paid $11 in shipping! I mean $10 is okay, it's not like the seller was asking for $100! But I'm thinking about the percentage. I mean I was charged like 700% or something.
  12. Hi there, I wouldnt worry at all. You will get refunded the original fees and you will most likely find that some people who tried to win the auction will be happy to see your item there again. When I see something reappear I always assume it was won by a non paying bidder. Quite often I am happy to see it back. Good luck
  13. Thank you all for your input..................I actually feel much better!! Thanks again!:yes:

  14. Not likely. I found that ebayers are very cautios bidding on the same items that were cancelled for unknown reasons. I had this happen more than once when ebay cancelled my listings and relisting didn't get any bids at all. I'd wait a few weeks to relist this item.