My liquid plum beauty made her debut!

  1. it's my birthday tonight, and here i am after having several glasses of wine :tispy:, a delicious dinner, fabulous dessert, hardly awake at 11:48 PM posting on the forum! :wtf: i should be sound asleep like my snoring hubby :sleepy:!
    but nooooo, here i am, hopefully posting pictures of my lovely liquid patent beauty's evening debut! one of my beloved friends insisted that i wear my infamous (we won't get into that story right now...:angel:) JC jeweled satin sandals for the occasion, and i figured there wasn't a better time for my mahala to make her entrance into the world. i have been hanging her since the day i received her with some books inside, and am actually much more pleased with the way she lays now. either that, or i've just decided to overlook all to keep that TDF color bag!! :yahoo:anyway, she definitely got a LOT of looks and between the choo shoes and the bag, i felt like a celebrity in my own right! :queen:amazing that i never realized how different a beautiful handbag really makes you feel! and the shoes...well, all i can say is that JC knows how to make some damn sexy shoes! :graucho: ok! so with that said, i definitely have decided that i LOVE my liquid patent plum mahala and am so glad that i didn't return or exchange it! i'm sure i would love the softer leather too, but i figured for my first JC bag, i wanted something that really screams and stands out...and i think this bag does that. it may be scary, but on my way home, with my bag in my lap, i found myself petting it with love. :shame: what can i say? life couldn't be better right now!
  2. i'm still pretty new at this...and it IS 12:33 AM now! :wtf:
    hopefully i did it right?!
    let me know what y'all think...unless it's bad :p just kidding! i really love everyone's comments. ;)
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  3. Happy Birthday! You (and the Mahala) look beautiful!
  4. Love your plum mahala and those shoes are to die for!
  5. Wow! You look amazing with your Choos. The plum color is just unreal. It is a definite eyecatcher. Such a great choice. I am glad you ended up being so happy with your new bag. Sometimes it just takes a little time to get used to something new. Belated happy birthday!
  6. Oh Darlie :nuts:You look so Beautiful and those shoes and that bag.....:girlsigh: (I am SO glad you kept her:choochoo: )

    If I get a chance to come home anytime soon, we should meet up and snap some photos of our little Mahala's together:party:

    It's funny, but we could almost be sisters (of course I am the OLDER, frumpier one) but we seem to have the same tastes and (except for some gray & wrinkle's:yucky:) look very similar:winkiss:

    I hope you had a Truly Wonderful Birthday!:flowers: You DO look like a celebrity:wlae:
  7. Happy Birthday - and I couldn't agree more - you look fabulous! The bag and shoes look pretty hot too!
    Glad to hear that hanging your bag with some things in it has been helping. It seems to have been helping with my liquid patent also! I think the color of your bag is absolutely amazing and I am glad that you (and I) are finding a way to make it work! :yahoo:Anyway - glad you had such a great evening and hope you continue to have a great day today! :balloon:
  8. Feliz Cumpleanos!!!! You and your JChoos look amaizing!!! :tup: :yahoo::wlae:
  9. Happy Birthday! The bag, the shoes, the BAG!! :drool:....stunning! :yahoo:

    That liquid plum is so striking....definitely a bag that will get second looks! So glad you had such a great night! :tup:
  10. Stunning! Both the girl and the bag! Love that color:yes: I wish I could wear shoes like those, so sexy! I'd fall on my arse!!!:upsidedown:
  11. I love your bag. It's really great, and yes I agree a great handbag makes me feel special. Looking at your plum makes me want to sell my red one and get a plum or purple Mahala.
  12. beautiful bag!
    Happy b- day!
  13. Darlie - You and the bag are fabulous. It is a great color for you. Happy Belated Birthday. Thanks for sharing.
  14. I love it. You look great.
  15. Oooh, I missed this one...

    Happy Belated Birthday!!! :party:

    That plum Mahala looks fabulous on you, as well as those shoes... you sure know how to dress up JC style!!