My Limo Sloane

  1. Just wanted to post some pics of my limo sloane that I purchases two months ago. I absoulutely loooove this bag. It has only gotten softer with time....:yahoo:
    DSC09541.jpg DSC09543.jpg
  2. it's gorgeous! i love this color!
  3. I love this bag in action, it's utterly gorgeous paired with jeans and a white top.
  4. this will be my next BV bag....
    its gorgeous....
    quick question... is it bigger than the ball bag?
  5. Congrats!

    That's soooo lovely! I love how slouchy the bag is!! :love:
  6. Beautiful bag, great to hear it gets softer too.
  7. Love your bag..:p
  8. Gorgeous~I want to touch it...:tender:
  9. Absolutely beautiful!
  10. Wow it is beautiful.
  11. Definitely on my wish list.:drool:
  12. What a great bag! I love the slouch!
  13. Just simply gorgeous. Love this bag and color to pieces.
  14. Love your bag ! This is also in my next wish list !
    How is this size comparable to medium or large veneta ?
  15. i have the medium and large veneta and it definitely has more room than those two. However, it doesn't look as big when carried.

    melovepurse...i think this is a little bigger than the ball bag....if not the same size

    i just thought i'd share this story with everyone....i was at a restaurant having dinner with my bag and some girl i didn't know literally went up to our table and was like "can i ask you a question?" and i didn't know what to say so i was like "um sure" and then she asked me where I got my DH and I thought that was the wierdest thing EVER :nuts: