My limo chain bag is seriously dirty after only 4 months...

  1. I know I can have it sent to Italy and cleaned etc etc, but I'be had it for 4 months only and haven't even used it that often in the last 6 weeks. The beautiful limo handles are grey underneath now, having picked up dust and dirt and there is serious darkening on one side towards the bottom.

    I guess this will have to be it with light BV for me. The interesting bit is that the naturale colour I've had for a few years (similar to camel, slightly darker) is still immaculate.

    Quite upset now... I am not the most careful person in the world when it comes to the use of delicate items, but this is way too much too soon...
  2. So sorry to hear about this and this is the reason why I'm so hesitant in getting a light coloured BV. Old Petra might be the lightest colour that I will settle for (my Roma is in this colour).

    Hope you are not too upset on this.... cheer up, go get yourself another BV in a dark colour ;p
  3. E, terribly sorry to hear about your Limo. My Limo Veneta is still holding up well after continuous usage of nearly a month (I have now allowed it to recuperate after the marathon). Inevitably part of the underside of the handle has turned grey but all else is still good. No dirty corners or such. I have actually taken it back to BV for conditioning before. And would do so again soon. Why don't you send it in for some 'spa treatment' :smile:
  4. ms piggy - do you spray your limo bag with any protectants? What is safe to use to clean the leather?
  5. bagfever I was told by my SAs not to use any protectants. I live in the tropics (sunny Singapore) so its typically hot year round. I do consciously keep it out of the rain and baby my Veneta (no resting on floors, hard surfaces etc).

    I'm not sure what is a safe leather cleaner. I would take it back to BV or at least to professional leather cleaners. BV leather is too precious for me to take any chances.
  6. I will take it to BV tomorrow and see what they can do.

    Getting a new dark one sounds like a great way of cheering up, but - don't think I can afford a new bag until the e/o September. I am still breaking in the baby coco cabas I got a month or so ago and I've used my cream/lemon jumbo flap Chanel only once. Come September, large black veneta it is though!
  7. Sorry to hear of the darkening, and the greying, e :sad:

    I am most terrible at handling light coloured bags, so I know what you're going through. Hopefully a trip back to BV for some reconditioning will be a big help.

    Let us know, and I know I can't wait for another Large Black Veneta!! :yes:
  8. Ok, I took the bag to the boutique and the SA told me that they can only dry clean white nd any other light colour can only be "polished", whatever that means and that it will take 6-8 weeks. I am saaaaaad. Only 4 months' use out of a £1350 bag! Did I say I'm sad?
  9. It is really disappointing and I'm sorry for you. It's the same way I felt after my corners wore the color off after a couple of months. It is too soon for that much money. I'm still a fan of BV but that soft leather has it's drawbacks.

    Love the Coco Cabas too, sounds like a nice collection!