My Limited Edition ... Part 1

  1. YES..I LOVE LV 2!! (Hence my screen name!)

    I have this transferred to my local LV Boutique.
    It is said to be the LAST one in the country.
    I thought about this one over and over and read all your pros/cons comments about it.

    So, I got it! It actually looked very, very good!!

    I thought this would be a great addition to my LE collection piece.
    P6240140crop.jpg P6240141crop.jpg P6240142crop.jpg
  2. Black riveting?
  3. us....:drool:

  4. *twiddle twiddle thumbs* :popcorn::graucho:
  5. PLEASE SHOW US ....
  6. Hints:

    Big Bird.

    Oh...It's my 5th collection!

    PS: Im in a process of shriking the photos...may take a while!! IT will be on my part 2 thread.

    Im sooo excited!!
  7. I'll be back when the photos are up...

    Edit: I think you should just post the photos here, a mod will most likely merge the two threads anyway.
  8. canwan keepall!
  9. Stephen?
  10. I take that back, the strap does not look like a Stephen strap, I am going to just sit back and wait I guess...
  11. CANWAN CANWAN! IT HAS TO BE!!! :yes:
  12. Same guess here.:nuts: If it is Shalomjude need to see this:whistle:
  13. Hmm, what is it? :p
  14. Matt7474: DING!!! DING!! DING!!

    Introducing...MY new CANWAN KEEPALL!!

    I love it! It's makes a great addition to my Keepall collection!!


    PS: The interior on this one is BLACK with LV logo. The one's I saw on eBay have BLUE..I wonder why? and The LOUIS VUITTON embossed logo, is not centered in the middle, it was off set. BUT I got it anyway. I thought it would be great collection though.

    Thanks for your response my friends...Luv u all!!
    P6240154crop.JPG P6240156crop.JPG P6240158crop.JPG P6240174crop.JPG P6240182crop.JPG
  15. Yay pictures!

    Congrats, love your keepall collection :smile: