My Lily Xl Is Gone Im Soo Sad....

  1. Hey Everyone, Ive Been Absent From Here All Week If Anybody Noticed. Ive Been So Depressed Over The Loss Of My Most Favorite Bag, My Lily Xl In Walnut. The Story Is Kinda Long But I Just Have To Vent Sorry. Well After 3 Months Of Saving I Finally Got Her Whiskey Was Gone And I Was Told Walnut Was Very Close And It Was. After Getting Her 2wks B4 Xmas I Was In Love. I Used Her Constantly Putting The Rest Of My Collection On The Backburner. Well My Friend Kristie Had Beed Bugging Me For A Coach, So I Got Her One For Xmas,a Signature Belted Ergo Hobo. She Wanted So Baadd To Use Lily To Go To Ocala And Visit Her Boyfriend,and Go On A Trip To North Carolina.... Shes Quit Careless At Times(loses Wallets,phones,leaves Cars Unlocked) Trying To Be Nice I Just Gave In And Let Her. B4 She Even Got Outta Town She Stopped At A Local Gas Station To Fill Up. Goes In To Pay As Luck Would Have It My Bag And Her Ipod&phone Got Stolen Cuz It Was Unlocked Door Left Open At That. The Store Just Put New Gas Pumps In Cameras Were In The Process Of Being Added, So Foreighn Owner Guy Couldnt Do Anything. Kristie Comes Over Soon After Telling Me What Happened. I Couldnt Believe It!!!!! The One Time I Let Lily Outta My Site She Gets Stolen. Kristies Like Oh Im Soooo Sorry Ill Give U The One U Got Me. Trying To Help I Know, But I Want My Lily. Way Too Much To Try Buying A New One 1st One Was Hard Enough, And Theyre Basically Gone At That,so Im Just Stuck In Shock Not Knowin What To Do About It. Sorry Its A Long Paragraph Just Very Upset And I Get Rambling When I Am.
  2. OMG that's horrible. I'm so sorry. :sad:

    Honestly, I think your friend owes you for it. Why would she leave her car unlocked? Does she not know that her car could have easily gotten stolen as well? I know she's your friend and it might be hard to ask for the money but that bag is expensive and if she's going to be that careless then she owes you the money.
  3. wow that really is terrible. I feel your pain. I know it difficult to say no sometimes to friends. Good luck and hang in there. I'm sure you have many good friends on TPF to support you.
  4. OMG , I am so sorry that this happened to you:crybaby:. You did a nice thing by letting her borrow your bag, which I must say I admire because I don't think I could ever loan out my LIly! If I were your friend I would have to find a way to replace that bag for you.
    I hope there is some way you can get her replaced. So sorry!!!!
  5. Wow that is so sad! I feel for you. I hope you can find a way to replace it. I wish I could help... I had returned my walnut XL Lily, and she sat in a glass case for over a month at my boutique... but then the other day someone finally took her home.
    I would suggest checking eBay from time to time, or calling JAX and see if they can locate a store that has a return.
  6. Aww thats awful! Shouldnt your friend be offering you more than a $350 ergo? like sayyyyy a new lily??
  7. Aw, Heidi, that's awful...why would your friend leave a bag in an unlocked car?

    I agree - she owes you for it! You don't want her bag - you want your Lily back!
  8. Im sorry this happened to you...

    If I was you I would probably be so mad, just because I know that if someone was to let me borrow something, especially something as expensive as a Lily, I would watch it like a hawk. Shoot I watch my medium Carly like a hawk!

    I think shes wrong for offering not to repay you. Heck I think she was wrong to ask you to borrow it period.

  9. She Knows Just Doesnt Seem To Click I Guess, For Her To Repay Me Sad To Say Ill Be Waiting For A Long Time She Still Owes Me Over 300 Bucks For Things Ive Chareged For Her In The Past. Our Friendship Has Been Suffering. In A Way Its My Fault For Letting Her Use It But Still. Just Wish I Could Rewind To When I Still Had My Baby!!! Lol
  10. I am so sorry this happened - I can only imagine how devastated you are!

    Has she contacted her auto insurance carrier to see if they will cover the loss? In Michigan (where I live) we have coverage for theft tied into our policy. It's worth a shot!

    BTW, can you please not post with each word capitalized? It's really hard to read that way and, honestly, it's got to be just as difficult to type that way. All lowercase would be easier for you and for us!! :flowers:
  11. No, it was not your fault. I agree with everyone else, she either owes you a new bag or the retail value of it. It was rude of her to borrow your bag and appalling that she was so reckless with it. It's not even about the bag at this point, it's about respect and it's hard for me to believe that she respects your friendship.
  12. oops my bad I just reread my post and I meant to day "Shes wrong for not offering to repay you"

    But honestly, if you know in your heart that your friend is not dependable you should not put yourself in a pardicament which could hurt your friendship or you can be taken advantage of. That doesnt mean you have to stop being her friend but know that you can not let her borrow anything (your things, your credit, your money, a pen (lol) etc) because all that is going to happen is youre both (mostly you) are going to end up hurt.

    I think we all have people in our lives which we love but that we know we can not depend on them to act responsibly...

  13. Her Insurance Nah I Doubt That She Had A Phone And Money Stolen Last Year Same Way Pretty Sure Her Mom Would Mention That Cuz She Manages A Towing Company And Knows Alot. Grrrrr If Ida Gotten A P.c.e Maybe Coulda Traded My Blue Miranda For A Dumb Medium Lol Sorry Just Mad.

  14. Very well said!:tup:
  15. Oh wow, your post is making me sick to my stomach! That is so sad - I am so sorry to hear about your Lily. :sad: Like mokoni said, what about insurance???