My Lily satchel arrived today wooot woot!

  1. Excuse the cheesy grin..i actually took this pic on my cell & sent it to my hubby lol.
    Anyway i was told that the Lily only came in black until early next year..well apparently it came in camel.
    I just got it....I love it.
    I'll post better pics when i have a chance....Happy new years ladies..hope you and your family have a wonderful new year.

  2. OMG - I love it! Congrats on getting such a great bag. What a great way to start the new year!!!!
  3. Beautiful!! Enjoy your new bag.
  4. BEAUTIFUL NEW COLOR!!!!! That is a GREAT year round color!!! PLEASE post some modelling pics!!!! CONGRATS
  5. Love the bag, love the color! Enjoy the bag!
  6. I love it! I ordered her also ! Your lucky to allready have her mine is coming
    Wed! How do you like the color? she looks so pretty! I cant wait to get mine!
  7. I so want a Lily, but DH said no way. I guess he's right because the last time I spent over $1000 on a bag, our cat chewed it up. Maybe I can tell him I got such a great deal on it lol ;)
  8. This the med. lily right ? It came out in camel wed the dec 26th right!
  9. Congrats! You'll love this bag! I have medium lily in black!
  10. Lucky Girl!!! It is beautiful...enjoy it!!!
  11. Enjoy her, I got her in Black and love this bag.....ENJOY!
  12. Wow! That bag is gorgeous! Enjoy and happy new year!
  13. omg i am in love with this bag!!! Congrats
  14. happy dance, congrat's.
  15. Thanks ladies..i wasnt supposed to recieve it until wednesday but i called fed ex and told them i could pick it up from their local facility & poof here she is!
    I was so anxious i opened my package in the car lol.