My Lily...Pictures!!

  1. Yay!! Well thanks to my wonderful 9 year old daughter, I have some pics. She's such a sweetheart.:heart:

    So enjoy! I am in the process of posting more stuff too!!

    P.S. For reference purposes, I am 5'4" and approx 125. (and 45 in march:wtf:)
    Picture 118.jpg Picture 120.jpg Picture 116.jpg Picture 117.jpg
  2. congrats she looks fabulous on you!!
  3. What a gorgeous bag and it looks stunning on you! Congratulations! Is this the large or the medium Lily - and is this the walnut color??:tup:
  4. She looks awesome on you! Congrats!
  5. GORGEOUS!! :tup:
  6. That is one amazing bag.
  7. OMG thank you soooo much for posting this! I have a Lily XL and it looks to darn big on me. But the medium looks GREAT on you! I think I'm off to Coach ASAP to do an exchange. Congrats on a lovely bag!
  8. Thanks!! It's the medium in black! It's Yummy!!!:drool:
  9. Looks HUGE, but it is a Medium Black. You can tell since the buckle is only in front and doesn't come over the zipped portions.

    OP- congrats. She is beautiful!
  10. Oh, wow! What a beauty! Great size, color, everything! :drool:Is she heavy?
  11. I'll have to see how heavy she is after all of my stuff goes in. Satchels always get heavy when I carry them over my arm too long. But since the straps are long enough to wear over my shoulder, I think it'll be perfect. :heart:
  12. i really like that! i think the lily looks amazing and the best in black, the gold hardware really pops!

    question for you, does the flap annoy you every time you need to get something from your bag? i'd think a zipper AND flap would annoy me, i just wanted to get your opinion.

  13. Thanks!! There is no flap on the medium. I think it would have driven me crazy if there was. So not only is it beautiful and comfortable, it's wonderfully convenient!!:tup:
  14. That looks amazing!!!! Thanks so much for taking photos. I will have to have this bag very soon.

    I would love to see it after you have some things in it. I am curious if it has any sag to it when you put stuff in it or is it really structured.

  15. I love your bag! It looks wonderful on you! Congrats and thanks for the wonderful pictures!