My Lily family

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  1. So stoked.

  2. It's lovely! Are they all quite new or have you been collecting for a while? Have you got a favourite? I'm lusting after a metallic mushroom mini Lily and a regular black Lily
  3. They are all quite new.
    Was planning to get a black LV alma BB in epi leather but ended up getting the red and black Lily instead.
    They are all favourites at this point although I think I prefer the size of the regular Lily to the medium.
  4. Gorgeous collection
  5. Can understand why you're stoked, your lily family is gorgeous arielqueen!
  6. Nice selection!
  7. you will get so much use out of your lily bags! You won't regret these purchases.
  8. Congratulations! Good things come in threes!! The lily is one of my favourite bags. You've got all bases covered with those colours. Good choices. Enjoy!!
  9. Beautiful photo and trio of course :biggrin:

  10. Great choice of colors! They are all lovely congrats and looking forward to what may added to the collection
  11. Lovely family! Congrats!
  12. Lovely Trio