My Li'l Stam Topaz Pic

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  1. Little Stam Topaz.jpg

    Finally took a pic of my li'l stam. This is taken with a flash and pretty true to color.
  2. Beautiful colour! Congrats
  3. It's precious. Enjoy!
  4. Oh, it's a beauty! Congrats.
  5. Oh, wow! That's so cute! I'm starting to love the topaz color!
  6. Wow...gorgeous colour...congrats!!!
  7. So cute!! Congratulations!!
  8. Thanks all. I find it goes great with my boring black wardrobe.
  9. That topaz is such a lovely colour!! I think it looks great with the hardware!

    Thansk for sharing!!
  10. THe more I see that color the more I love it! And I'm falling in love w/ the baby stam too!!! How big is that? What will you carry in it? Congrats & enjoy it!! :heart: Emmy
  11. Love it!! That color is divine!
  12. This pic is more true to color. I forgot to fix the color before attaching.

    Little Stam Topaz 2.jpg

    EMMY -- the little stam is quite small. But it does hold my camera, the world's smallest wallet and my keys. I found that it dress up my everyday causual w/o being overwhelming and it's light as a feather compared to the Blake.
  13. Very pretty! Congrats!
  14. It's looks positively yummy! Congrats!
  15. do you know that my topaz (returned) looked COMPLETELY different from yours? mine has a very strong greenish appearance and a lot darker than how yours look in this pic. looks like a completely different colour...