My lil princess in 3D

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  1. Well today I had a repeat 3D scan (first one she had her full face in the placenta) and today she had moved head down but still found a nice spot to cuddle the placenta (so the pics are not as clear as I wanted). She did hide part of her face at all times lol but I did get some!

    Oh yeah the u/s lady said I had plenty of fluid so I am feeling 100% then I did last time.

    So here she is...

  2. I am not all that impressed by the quality btw...I think there is better out there...but she is still a cutie in my opinion lol

  3. So cute! The 3D ultrasound is such an awesome experience!
  4. Just wait until you see her IRL!! :smile: She looks adorable!
  5. Thanks ladies :biggrin: I am just so happy that the fluid thing is not an issue. One less thing to worry about and to see her moving around swallowing and yawning!
  6. AWWW! In the 3rd picture it almost looks like she's smiling! Isn't it just amazing what you can see during those ultrasounds?!:yes:
  7. Cute! I wish I could have a BabyTV channel 24/7 so I'll know what he's kicking me with!
  8. So cute!
  9. Cheeks!

    Smiling? in the last one, cute :smile:
  10. wow she is gorgeous already and so precious ! Thank you for sharing, how amazing !
  11. You can already tell she is gonna be beautiful!!
  12. Awwww it looks like she's smiling in that last one. How exciting for you ive_flipped.
  13. Aaawwww! I wished I could have experienced the 3D scan when I was pregnant with all of my three kids. They finally got one in our hospital after my youngest was born...just figures huh?
  14. Wow!! Look at those full cheeks!!! She is adorable!
  15. Aww, she is so adorable! She looks very comfy cozy in there :smile: