my lil hermes collection... what's next?

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  1. hey all, it's my first time posting pictures here, hope they work! As can be seen, i'm not a "brown" kinda girl (plus a sucker for pink), so what should be the next colour to get? any advice appreciated! =)
    birkins & kellys.JPG DSC00022.JPG
  2. FAINTS.....................

    Your lil collection, lol!! What an amazing collection you have!!
  3. THAT is one of the most beautiful collections i have ever seen!!!
  4. that's the cutest collection i've ever seen. colorwise. and the dog!
  5. lumine -- wow! I am so jealous of all of your pink bags. I have never been able to take that step to buy a pink H bag although I think they are beautiful.

    Hopefully Kou sees this -- she also loves her pink!
  6. Little?! This is one HUGE collection you have! Stunning! You do love PINK and WHITE, don't you, Lumine?

    Looks like the next colour has to be sweet!
  7. wow Lumine.
    Great collection.
  8. Lumine, do you mind sharing with us, what is the colour/leather of the sellier pink Kelly in the front row, on the left?
  9. thanks ladies for the compliments =)
    mrssparkles, yes i really do like white and pink haha but the 35 birkin in front of the fuschia ostrick is actually rose dragee =P
    I'm thinking i need something orange/red/yellow next!
  10. How about Orange or Red ...
  11. Little?! :nuts: What a great collection! Thanks for sharing.
  12. ^^ LOL, our posts crossed. :yes:
  13. Mrssparkles, thats shocking pink in cherve mysore 25cm (the one i said i got from te local store in another thread if you remember :yes:)
  14. Ahhhh .... yes ... now that you pointed that out.
  15. my toy poodle loves hermes so much that she bit some of my smaller hermes accessories (picola and a mobile phone holder)!!! yet i cannot stay angry with her...