my lil goodies from San Marcos outlet! (pic)

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  1. so for the last week or so DH & I were in San Antonio to visit his family. While we were there we took a little trip to the outlets at San Marcos. :biggrin: Actually, it started out as a trip to Austin, with San Marcos just a stop on the way (just to see what was there), but they had a Coach outlet there :nuts: and an Ann Taylor store too so of course we just ended up staying there (we can see Austin another day! lol)

    anyways, I ended up getting a lot of stuff. I got a belt, small wristlet (is that what they're called?) and one of those valet key rings. i really like the red.


    everything was pretty decently priced. I think i got the belt for $55, the wristlet thing for $34, and i forget how much the keyring was.

    and I also ended up getting a red Soho flap purse for my mother-in-law (she loves Coach!). I also got her matching small coin purse thingy (in LV this kind of thing is called a cles, i don't know what Coach calls them). She really liked them! :smile: it's cool cuz i have the same bag but in black, which i also got an outlet (in Camarillo).
  2. Congrats on your finds! The San Marcos Coach outlet has tons of great deals and a large selection. I have to stay out of that place!
  3. the wristlet!
  4. Great finds! Congrats
  5. :crybaby:...My sister is going there in the morning.....I wish I was going with her. She lives in Needville and is coming to visit me and my mom where we live. When my niece gets her Christmas gift...she'll be happy to see that she is now a Coach rookie. I bought her the Coach Carly...the small one and the Skinny mini Hampton. I can't wait to see her reaction.:tender:
  6. Congrats! on your new goodies.
  7. OMG!!!! AWESOME!!!! Congrats!!!

    See you soon!!!
  8. LOVE that belt
  9. Congrats very lovely ^-^
  10. I was SO close to the San Marcos outlet one year (visited DH's family in SA), but DH wanted to go to Austin to hit up that place with all of the bars. :p Of course, he won. You're so lucky your DH understands your purse addiction. But now he owes me a trip... mwahaha.

    I love that wristlet! It's so cute. I always end up with black ones.
  11. Congrats on all of your goodies!
  12. i just went there & exchanged my sig. stripe swingpack (long story) for a few goodies... i got the bleecker signature small zip hobo in choc. sig for 87.99!!!! and a patent leather blue wristlet in the teal for 31.99!!!!!!!! i was sooo excited to see the prices!!! I LOVE THE OUTLETS!!!!
  13. Oh I love your goodies, especially the belt!