My lil collection

  1. OK, so I don't have too many bags but here are a few pics of my bags and accesories that I have. :smile:
    My girly boston was my first designer bag, my boyfriend got me it for my 18th, then my gucci and then i can't remember what order the rest came in.
    bags.jpg bags2.jpg bags3.jpg girly boston.jpg eye mask.jpg
  2. Cute collection! I love the Diors & your D&G Razr!:nuts:
  3. Ooooh I love the gambler bag.. and D&G Razr ! So hot ! :yes:
  4. Nice collection! I like your red shoes and is that a blue, sparkly bag?

    Whatever it is, it's a very pretty colour! :heart: :biggrin:
  5. LOVE your stuff.. thats not little. thats FAB
  6. beaaaaautiful .. drooooooling over ur dior double saddle bag, u recommend it? its on my wish list since 4verrrrrrrrrrrrr
  7. The saddle is great but the strap does get a bit scruffy after time, I've only had mine about 5 months and the edges are a bit worn from rubbing on my jacket but still a great lil bag. The blue bag is just a cheap one from accesories but it is such a nice bag so i thought i would shove it in the picture lol. x
  8. Great collection! I love your gucci bag and wallet.
  9. Very nice, thanks for sharing.
  10. I have the D&G Razr too!:yahoo:
  11. Awesome collection!
  12. Just bought a Dior Hardcore bag, will post pics when it arrives!!!!!
  13. great collection, congrats on your new bag
  14. Bin meaning to put this pic on here for ages. Didn't take one with my camera as am at uni but this is the pic off the auction.
  15. Great collection.