My lil collection

  1. Here's mine, there are different brands as I don't have a particular favourite although I do tend to lean towards dior.

    As you can see I :heart: pink.

    Excuse my unmade bed :shame:

    bags 1.jpg
  2. I am glad I have the honor to leave you the first comment. Great collection! I like your combination of brands and colors. I particular like the dusty rose Gucci at the left, and the black (or dark brown) Hermes at front.

  3. Love your elegant collection!!!:dothewave:
  4. Great collection-
  5. Your white Dior saddle bag is so adorable! I really want one of those.
  6. Beautiful collection! :heart:
  7. lover your dior, chanel , and hermes!
  8. Thanks all for your really nice comments, I try to mix it up a bit.

    I have recently been looking more and more at the balenciaga first and balenciaga the shoulder so hopefully this will be my next addition. I was a bit slow catching on to these bags :biggrin:.
  9. I love it but they are so big, it kinda looks a bit funny on my little frame. I think it's the biggest bag I own.
    dior braided gaucho.jpg
  10. i love your collection ecspecially the white dior !
  11. beautiful collection...
  12. great collection! you have beautiful classic pieces and your vernis is such a yummy color!
  13. I was surprised at how nice the pomme d'amour color was in person, now an amarante would be nice too :tup:
  14. Beautiful collection!
  15. Nice collection!