My "like new" BBag arrived today and she is NASTY!

  1. So I have been coveting a Mogano City for a while and bought a "like new" one on eBay. I specifically asked the seller if she really was like new because I am super picky. She said the bag was pristine and looked as though it had never been carried.

    She arrived today and is NASTY! Her handles are blackened and greasy from use. She stinks to high heaven like Lexol leather conditioner, the tassles are thrashed, she has scuffs all over her. I am so irritated right now because it was $900.

    She also did not come with care card, extra tassels, or even her friggin dustbag!

    I just emailed the seller..........we shall see.... what happens if she says tough luck, you bought it????

    AND to top it off, she is Cafe, not Mogano!
  2. Did you buy it on eBay? (I am assuming you did, since you post in the eBay forum! LOL!) I'd file a SNAD and find another one.
  3. File an item not as described dispute. Take lots of pictures and you should be fine.
  4. I don't think anything will really show up in pictures. The bag is a super dark brown and I just don't think the gross handles will show up. The smell is the worst part :crybaby:

    This is so lousy, she was my dream bag....I just had better not be stuck with her. If the seller ignores me, can't I do a chargeback and ship her back the bag?
  5. Follow PayPal's instructions first... if they don't side with you, file with your CC company and let THEM do battle.
  6. Were any of the things you take issue with about the bag mentioned in the auction? I'm talking about the care card, extra tassles and dustbag. Did the auction state that you would be getting those items? If not, did you ask the seller if these things were included prior to winning the bag? In the auction, was the bag described as being Mogano? These are things that would have had to have been mentioned and photographed by the seller for you to have a chance at winning any type of dispute.

    As for the scratches, dark handles and messed up tassles, I would try very hard to get clear photos. You will probably need them to prove your case.

    Good luck!
  7. aww im sorry. so she didnt show the damage in the pics? if anything you can always chargeback.
  8. Yes! This is it. I asked her a multitude of questions via email prior to bidding and she told me everything I wanted to hear. Then once I won, she shipped me a gross Bbag wrapped only in a PLASTIC grocery bag and stuffed that into a USPS shipping box :wtf:

    She also told me the bag would be here on Monday so I stayed home ALL day and no bag. I emailed her and she said it would arrive Wednesday....ooops. She is bugging me all the way around. I have no idea how she has such good FB.
  9. What did you e-mail the seller? My mantra is "be firm but polite and you shall go far".

    Did you address your concerns for the manner in which your bag was shipped? That sounds horrendous.

    If she told you it came with all of the extras, and you have record of it, let PayPal hear about it!!!
  10. she should part half way..shes got amazing feedback...if not do a chargeback and file for a SNAD
  11. So sorry this happened to you. I hope it's resolved soon.
  12. Bad smells are the worst.
    The color on that listing looks just like my mogano bag I had. Are you sure it isn't mogano?
  13. It is really dark, it has to be the cafe. There are no reddish tones to it at all. It does looks Mogano in the pics tho.
  14. Here is the email I is a bit bit#%y because I sent it right after I got this nasty bag shoved in a grocery bag for shipment.

    I received this bag today and am so disappointed in it. I specifically asked prior to bidding if it was "like new" and if it had any marks, wear spots, stains or smells on it and you said it was spotless and looked new. The bag Lexol leather conditioner which never in a million years should be used on a BBag. It makes it smell like modeling clay. It has very noticable wearing/fraying of the leather along the edges and seams. The plastic edging that runs on all of the edges on the top of the bag is cracking in numerous parts. The tassles are completely separated and beat up. There are no care cards, tags, extra tassels, or even a dust bag. The handles are greasy and dirty especially on the whipstitching. It is greasy from dirty hands and I know it is not going to come off.

    This bag is not as advertised in the least and I am very frustrated because you promised it would be here Monday and I stayed home all day to receive it. It finally surfaced on Wednesday (today) and it is not what I paid for. Hopefully we can work this out rationally because there is no way I want this bag because it is completely used and nothing near spotless or like new. I would like you to refund me the entire amount of the bag plus the shipping I am going to have to pay to send this bag back. I don't plan on leaving you negative feedback at all or doing a chargeback, I just want to work this out because right now I am really angry. Please get back to me as soon as possible.