My Light Brown Vintage Ligne tote!!

  1. Hi all,

    I'm Amy and I'm not much of a poster but thought I'd share my recent Chanel purchase:P!! I'm only 5 feet tall so not sure if the bag looks too big on me:shame: . Thanks for letting me share:smile: .
    NoFace.jpg NoFace2.jpg
  2. Hi Amy! It looks perfect on you. I think you are making me like this style again.
  3. I love this bag and I think it look perfect on you!
  4. love your bag, alexcluvlv! i will always like the details on the vintage ligne.
    why did you blot out your face?! actually, i'd prob do the same.
  5. ooh it's so beautiful and looks wonderful on you!! i'm so jealous!!
  6. oh i love the bag and it suits you !
  7. Hey there Amy! Congrats on the fabulous Vintage tote!!! It looks perfect on you.
  8. WOW! What a GORGEOUS BAG! Looks fab on you..congrats on the purchase and enjoy it..!!!!!!:heart: :smile:
  9. Thanks all so much for your kind words:flowers: !! I really love this color:love: ! I used to be so into LV but Chanel has been reining me in with so many fabulous bags lately (I'm currently wanting the small Diamond Stitch tote):nuts: :jammin: and waiting to see the Modern Chain IRL soon. I'm always on this forum drooling over everybody's purchases:nuts: !!

  10. its so cute!!
  11. Hey A! You already know that I think this bags looks FABULOUS on you.:love:

    I'm with you on anxiously awaiting the modern chain bags.:drool:
  12. It's cute! I got the smaller version last weekend and love how soft it is!
  13. i love it!! looks great on you, not too big at all!
  14. Very very nice and it looks so spacious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Congrats! I think the size is great for you. I keep thinking about this bag myself.